Sunday, 16 April 2017

Welcome to Daffodil Dress

This is now my 4th blog in less than 7 years. I get bored easily but haven't had a regular blog to post in for a few years.

I like to write and this blog started from a picture writing prompt at our writing group of a girl in a yellow dress.

Long after the meeting ideas kept bubbling away and I have decided to continue the story in installments and I decided a brand new blog was in order.

This is the result, still very much a work in progress.

Obviously I have BIG dreams and I can see the story unfolding as a Rom Com on the BIG screeen - if anyone knows Richard Curtis just point him in this direction - I just haven't figured out who my Hugh Grant character is! LOL

Realistically I am writing for fun and I know a few friends are enjoying the story so far. If you know anyone else who might like to read along please share and get them to join in.

Once one story comes to a natural end I'll see where inspiration strikes next.

I am always open to suggestions where the story might go, some of you will recognise plots developing inspired by conversations and even a bit of real life! Although not necessarily MINE. I've had enough of writing all the nitty gritty of my own life misadventures. A few clicks and you can find my old blogs for that...

But without further ado I think it's time I started posting the story....


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