Sunday, 23 April 2017

the girl in the yellow dress - part 6

“May I cut in?” His voice had that quintessential upper class quality about it that sent a shiver down her spine.

Before reluctantly letting her go Edgar moved forward, kissed her on the cheek and said “thank you for the lovely dance,” then he placed her hand in Sebastian’s.

“I thought you might need rescuing.” Sebastian laughed before Edgar was really out of earshot.

“Do I look like a damsel in distress?” Looking up at him she was not quite sure how to behave in the inscrutable gaze of his cold blue eyes.

He just smiled or maybe some would call it a smirk.

She threw down another challenge, “Besides isn’t Edgar your boss, being CEO and all that? And paying for all this I assume.”

 “Well technically I suppose but he is a worse dancer than Ed Balls on Strictly!”

“You don’t watch Strictly! Do you?” Alice was caught off guard.  Her own Saturday nights comprised of watching TV in her pyjama’s but surely Sebastian moved in very different circles.

“Not as a rule, I have a younger sister who does; it was the topic of conversation over Sunday lunch.” With that he twirled and then dipped her.

She’d imagined dancing with him would be a bit like dancing with a Mr Darcy type figure in a period drama, each step accompanied with a witty riposte.  But she soon realised she didn’t have Elizabeth Bennet’s gumption and had already run out of words to say. 

He enfolded her in his strong arms and she felt immediately safe, he spun her round but never let her fall and by the time the song ended she was giddy.

“Another drink? Some fresh air perhaps?”

“Air I think.” She whispered breathlessly.

He led her out to the balcony and she watched the twinkly lights of the city below.

“The view up here is stunning!”

“It’s not bad from where I’m standing either.” He was staring at her and grinning. He smiled a lot she realised but his eyes had softened, they were no longer icy. “You really are the belle of the ball.”

“Oh give over.” She could feel her face warming despite the cool breeze.

“No honestly. No one can keep their eyes off you in there. Yellow dress I suppose, it really stands out.”

Alice never spoke but gave him a hard stare at that one.

“Yes I know, completely my mistake but you must be my lucky charm Alice. You could be the girl to turn my life around.”

And he really meant it because things hadn’t been so great recently, but we’ll come back to that a little later…

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